Review: The Gallos by Chelle Bliss

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Excited. That’s what I am. I’m feeling, like, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship-in-books with Chelle Bliss, i.e., I follow every book she authors. Upon reading her short story on the “Night Shift” Anthology, I just thought: well, how come I only found out about Ms. Bliss now? The first installment in her “Men of Inked” series was published in 2014, and I just finished reading “The Gallos” today. Sheesh.

When I grow up…

At least I’ve started. “The Gallos: The Beginning” features the 5 Gallos siblings’ parents, Salvatore and Maria. The book cover is… well, let’s just say, misleading. Sal and Mar are in their 50s, and this short tale is told at a time before the actual first full novel in the series, “Throttle Me,” took place. The cover is, obviously, not of a couple in their fifties, so referring back to it while reading the story is a bit awkward. Funny, but awkward. I don’t think anyone thinks of their parents THAT way. Regardless, in “The Gallos,” there are hot sexy scenes, funny ones, and romantic ones. It sure as hell makes me wish that when I grow up (that’ll be in 15 years), I get to be Maria and “Sal” would make my dreams come true.

Now that I’ve been properly introduced to the Gallos family, I am henceforth diving deep into book #1 in 3, 2…


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