Review: Wednesday by Kendall Ryan

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Pardon me for the drool. But, Jeeeyyyzus, would you look at that cover? Couldn’t resist buying it soon as I saw it was available on Amazon. After I finished reading “Wednesday” today, which is, ironically, a Wednesday, Kendall Ryan became a new favorite.

I’ve read Ms. Ryan’s book, “Screwed,” before, and why I rated it only a 2 on Goodreads, I cannot remember. This one, though, is better than “Screwed” – that much, I can recall. “Wednesday” is a short story – only about 200 pages long when its e-book version is laid out on landscape form on my e-reader. It’s also formatted with 1.5 spaces in between the lines, so you can imagine how long this took me to read. (TBH, it took me a lot longer than it should’ve because I liked the sexy scenes. Sue me.)

Anyhow, the story’s pretty predictable. But Ms. Ryan’s fast-paced, easy-to-read-and-lose-yourself writing style made the short journey worth the $3 I spent. If she had prolonged the agony of describing the characters’ inner angst, this woulda been another eye-roller of a book for me. Thankfully, I only had a short amount of time to read about Chloe’s inner push-and-pull tendencies towards relating with Shaw. That same amount of time was spent reading about Shaw’s emotional struggle. Albeit being an asshole of epic proportions (i.e., when you find out what Wednesdays originally signified for him, you’ll think him a douche, too), Shaw made a 180-degree personality change after a come-to-Jesus moment. He also magically loses his appetite for binge-drinking, after doing it consistently for 8 months, following his first wife’s accidental death. Fictional, but okay, that’s what Ms. Ryan writes. We, after all, want our happy ever after.

Would I read another book by Ms. Ryan: Yes.

Would I read “Wednesday” again?: Probably not. But I’m keeping it on my e-reader, just so I can see that cover over and over again.


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