Review: #Nerd by Cambria Hebert

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Confession #426: I judge books by their covers. There. I said it. When I saw #Nerd’s cover, I just couldn’t help but think, that’s a real girl. We all know how I especially like relating to my books’ characters, else I’d be rolling my eyes at their shenanigans and foolishness. That girl? If you fatten her up a bit, i.e., by 50 pounds, she’s me. So, #Nerd by Cambria Hebert was an automatic “yes, I have GOT to read that” for me.

I’m happy I did. Romeo Anderson and Rimmel Hudson’s story, while not unique, is cute. They remind me of Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray on their take on the Cinderella story. ‘Course, Hilary Duff was miscast, in my opinion. She’s too blonde to be considered a nerd and to be rebuffed by society. But what can I do? Hollywood always needs a bankable star to recoup their hefty investments in our fairy tale stories.

But, I digress. Back to Romeo and Rimmel – they are a couple made up of a jock and a nerd, who go through the typical drama sprung from the fact that they are seemingly from two different worlds. They meet when Rimmel was forced to tutor Romeo, the university’s BMOC and all-around ticket to college sports championships. On their way to HEA, they encounter a psychopathic frat president, Zach, who attempts to de-throne Romeo from his BMOC status and to discredit Romeo in front of Rimmel’s heart-shaped eyes. Rimmel had her own sad backstory, which explains her nerdy defense against the world. On top of that, they dealt with their version of “Gossip Girl,” who’s taken to calling herself “BuzzBoss.” Likewise, we meet a cast of characters whom Romeo and Rimmel eventually identity as their make-shift and close-knit family: Braeden, Ivy, and Trent.

#Nerd is the first book in a 6-part series of novels. Each installment must be read in the right sequence for one to, supposedly, enjoy the ride. Now, normally, I would do that. Read and like the first book, then proceed to books two, three, etc. That is, after all, how the author meant for her books to be read. I’ve read plenty of serialized stories in the past. To name a few:

  1. Harry Potter – 7 books,
  2. Eve Dallas – 42 books and counting,
  3. Fifty Shades of Grey – 3 books,
  4. Cross and Eva – 6 books, but I stopped at the 4th book, because I just felt that it was #OTT already and the author was just being too greedy forcing us to buy 6 books, when that story could’ve just been concluded in 3 or 4, and
  5. Twilight – 4 books

With the #Nerd series, though? I only completely read the first one. Then, I went on to Goodreads to see what my fellow readers thought of the succeeding 5 books. Turns out: books 2-5 are those types of #OTT books, where the author just squeezes out every single piece of soap-opera-worthy drama and intrigue there can possibly be. Zach the Psychopath is the Anti-Christ personified for Romeo, Rimmel, Braeden, Ivy, Trent, and eventually, Drew (Ivy’s brother, who was introduced, I guess, somewhere in books 4-5). Personally, I get tired reading of these types of stories. It’s so obvious what will happen already (i.e., Zach dies), I think it’s a waste of time and money reading the other books. So, a HUGE THANK YOU to my fellow Goodreads reviewers for that.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to find out whether there was going to be a M/M relationship going on between Trent and Drew, though, so I picked up #Happy (book #6 in the series). Fifty percent into #Happy, there was still no clear indication. There’s a follow-up new series, something about Gearheads, advertised by Ms. Hebert at the end of #Happy, but I’m over it. I should’ve stopped at “The End” indicated at the end of #Nerd. I liked it; I didn’t want to get bored with it. #SorryNotSorry would be the title of my book for that.


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