Review: Fisher’s Light by Tara Sivec

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I found out about this book through “Natasha Is A Book Junkie’s” list of her top book recommendations. I already have Tara Sivec’s Chocoholics and Chocolate Lovers series loaded onto my e-reader, but I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. I chose to tackle this one first, because the two aforementioned series are pretty long (8 books, in total) and I’m currently in the mood for some quick reading, with no interconnected characters or stories that are broken up into several (greedy-author) books.

“Fisher’s Light” certainly met my “quick reading” criterion, in the sense that I finished it in half a day. In truth, it is about some really heavy, emotional stuff. I just found out from Ms. Sivec’s website that it was a USA Today bestseller. 

Glittering stars and congratulations to the author aside, “Fisher’s Light” tackles some pretty heavy issues: the longevity of military marriages, PTSD, and brutally insensitive parents are just some samples. To be honest, I skipped a lot of pages containing lengthy internal monologues (i.e., journal entries, thoughts enunciated on text by the main characters, even sexy scenes), thus enabling me to finish the book quite fast. I also skipped the parts of the books that are REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Ms. Sivec wrote this book featuring chapters that are narrated by the 2 main characters, Fisher and Lucy. Reading the POVs of the 2 characters are usually phenomenal, but when the same exact scenes (and even the same exact words) are used repeatedly, it gets really tiring and boring. Fast.


While it’s immensely thought-provoking, addresses relevant social issues, and tries to be a sexy romantic tale, it’s not something I’d revisit.

The romantic tale of a Marine and his wife who underwent marital troubles, and who also eventually find their way back to each other is tried and true. Countless books and movies that highlight today’s war-splashed reality are constantly being talked about, re-read and re-screened time and again. (“The Hurt Locker” is still one of all-time faves.) Ms. Sivec’s “Fisher’s Light” is probably reflective of a significant part of today’s society. It’s hard to read through a warrior’s inner battles. It’s even harder to read about what the warrior’s loved ones go through. I suppose that’s why this is just a 2-star book for me. While it’s immensely thought-provoking, addresses relevant social issues, and tries to be a sexy romantic tale, it’s not something I’d revisit. Or recommend if you’re into light reading, too, after a long day at work.


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