Review: Child Star 1-3 by J.J. McAvoy

Child Star

I’m blaming the cover of “Child Star 1” for drawing me in. Doesn’t she look a little like Selena Gomez? If you squint your eyes a bit and imagine her jaw drawn to the sides to make a square-shaped face, you’ll see Selena, too, believe me. Then, the cover of “Child Star 2” continued to intrigue me. I couldn’t say who the model looks like, so it was a bit off-putting to see the two of them together on “Child Star 3.” To me, Selena and Justin Bieber are as synonymous as peas in a pod, and were, well, child stars.

I was really excited for this series. I saved “Child Star” for a rainy day, because I’ve already read almost all of J.J. McAvoy’s books. I’m still savoring the highs I got from reading “That Thing with Eli and Gwen,” “The Anatomy of Jane,” and “Sugar Baby Beautiful.” So, it is with a heavy heart that I felt a 2-star rating for the entire “Child Star” is more than generous for my one of my favorite new authors, J.J. McAvoy.

It’s a case of “too much, too soon.”

This 3-part novella series was fast-paced and has lots of twists and turns that would normally butter me up better than a piece of cake. However, these characteristics were, I think, what turned me off of “Child Star.” Murder, mayhem, rumors, and drama abound in all 3 novellas. Merged together, they don’t work. It was too much, too soon. I know Hollywood is swimming in intrigue, drugs, psychotic-related manias, and murders. Just look at the Kardashians, for Christ’s sake. But Ms. McAvoy dumped them all at once in novellas that are each barely a hundred pages long.

I wanted to like it. I wanted to love this, but like our general addiction to the Kardashians, something’s gonna eventually give. And, that obsession is going to come to a screaming halt (please). I hope, though, that that’s not the case between me and Ms. McAvoy. 😦


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