I Love Anna Olson!

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I have to confession to make: I really, really , really love Anna Olson. Especially when she bakes. Whenever she’s on TV, I just sit back, relax, and let her be one with my inner chocolate and sugar glutton.

I also find it relaxing to be alone in my mama’s kitchen during weekends and bake my fat heart out. I’ve tried several baking recipes, even a cookie recipe from Martha Stewart’s “Baking Handbook.” That turned out to be a bit of a let down. My Martha Stewart cookie turned out to be more cake-y than crunchy and chewy. In one word? They were “bleh.”

Then, it hit me. Anna Olson should be my ultimate guide! So, from henceforth, I’ll most likely be gaining my extra calories from her and her “Back to Baking” cookbook. Just this past Saturday, I made Ms. Olson’s “Frosted Mocha Whole Wheat Brownies.” I don’t have an 8-inch square pan and constantly use a 9×13-inch Pyrex pan when making these “desserts for dummies.” The end result? Slightly burnt brownies that taste freakin’ phenomenal. I don’t give a damn what anybody else says. My brownies ala Ana Olson are my form of “sugar-high” this week.

I’ve also made her “Delectable Fudge Brownies.” Yes, yes, I know: brownies again. Don’t judge: I have a lot of cocoa powder and icing sugar at home. It’s also 50-degrees Celsius here in the Philippines (every damned day), so the kitchen and the oven are NOT our best friends at all this season. Both brownies are more delicious the longer they stay in the refrigerator. But, hey, who am I kidding? In my ref, I’ll consider myself lucky if I let those brownies stay in the ref for a week.

I can’t wait to try her other easy-to-make desserts: “Creamy Lemon Squares,” “Tangy Lemon Walnut Squares,” tarts, pies, and maybe even cupcakes, once I get a cupcake mold. And an 8-inch square pan. And an offset spatula. And more granulated sugar. And a gym membership.


2 thoughts on “I Love Anna Olson!

  1. Flour and Apples says:

    There is nothing wrong with a brownie obsession! I love them right out of the freezer… happy baking! PS- I’ve found that running shoes are cheaper then a gym membership 🙂

    • kimsreadingnook says:

      Good idea – I’ll freeze the next batch of brownies the next time I make them. I’ve already got the running shoes, but I gotta say: running outside in 30-degree Celsius weather (that’s at night) is still not fun. LOL!

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