Why I Love Anthologies

Screenshot 2016-05-13 12.51.24

  1. I discover new authors whom I may get to love.
    1. Chelle Bliss, I’m looking right at cha, girl. I’ve sworn off ink/tattoo-focused stories, but, ironically, your “Men of Ink” series are currently being downloaded off of my favorite e-book seller. Gad, I hope it’s money well-spent.
    2. Brenda Rothert, *sigh*… I’m a little bit in love with your Carson Stephens. Just an FYI.
  2. I learn to love old authors again, whose (enforced) shorter stories are 10,000 times better than their actual full novels. Prime example: Sawyer Bennett’s “Off Duty. It’s an interracial love story, which is COMPLETELY different from all of Ms. Bennett’s other books. I never knew I liked IR until J.J. McAvoy’s “That Thing Between Eli and Gwen.” “Off Duty” just solidified the fact that I may just go find myself other worthwhile IR stories to read (that are not reminiscent of TLC’s “90-day Fiancé”). Ms. Bennett is absolutely right: #LoveIsLove.
  3. I learn that I really don’t like Toni Aleo’s books. They are henceforth deleted and banned from my e-reader. I had another anthology she was featured in, and I tried for the third time to see what her books’ allure is… Nope, still can’t find it. I’m done. #SorryNotSorry
  4. I discover that I may get to like M/M romance stories, so long as they’re as well-written, as classy, and as romantic as Kindle Alexander’s “Closet Confession.”

Those are my four reasons why I am still in the midst of reading all the novellas in the “For the First Time” Anthology/Collection. I HAD to read about what happened to Alessandra Torre’s main characters from “Hollywood Dirt.” And, ooohhh, that’s where I also saw an even shorter Alexa Riley book, which slides into her extremely cooky and taboo of a tale, the “Mistress Auctions” series. I’ve still got 19 more novellas to peruse on it, but I’ll leave them for rainy days to come.


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