Review: Hearts of Blue by L.H. Cosway

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My last post said that I was going to finish Claudia Connor’s “McKinney Brothers” series. And, I did. Ms. Connor’s first two books, “Worth the Fall” and “Worth the Risk” were superb, but I have to tell you, her last book “Worth It All” was a let down. I did not want to revisit that and rant about it again here, so I let it go and read a few other books to cheer me up again.

“Hearts of Blue” by L.H. Cosway certainly did the trick for me. I couldn’t help but think, “and, sheeeeeee’s baaaaaack” when it comes to Ms. Cosway. There was a bit of a bump in my book-love affair with this author, but she brought me back with “King of Hearts,” and I happily followed. “Hearts of Blue,” though, knocked my heart right out of the park.

It’s about Lee Cross and Karla Sheehan whom we met in “King of Hearts.” We all know the ending, as it was already implied in “King,” but it was a thrill to read how Ms. Cosway got these two Shakespearean-like characters to their happy ever after. He’s a criminal. She’s a cop. While Romeo and his Juliet met a tragic demise, Lee and his Gingersnap (i.e., Karla) live happily forever in my mind. I’m not ashamed to say I’ll most likely be re-reading this before Stu and Trevor’s stories (hopefully) come out before 2016 ends.

Ms. Cosway wrote this good, crisp, sexy story that tugged at heart strings that reality constantly bombards with heart break.

This is not a unique cop-loves-robber story. J.D. Robb‘s long-standing “Eve Dallas” series has already proven to me what a sucker I am for this type of tale. Strong female/heroine characters are also my Achilles’ heel. My money will always be well spent, in my opinion, with books like this. Ms. Cosway, however, takes it up a notch when she wrote this good, crisp, sexy story that tugged at heart strings that reality constantly bombards with heart break.

Lee is a staunch and loyal family man, whose persistence and humor (plus, what I imagine are, great looks) gets him his girl. Karla is a strong, funny, beautiful woman, with a heart of pure gold and an athletic prowess worthy of an urban cop – all these combined got her her man. There were many ways, I imagine, that Ms. Cosway could’ve written their story’s climax. Karla could’ve gone on to the dark side. Lee could’ve served out a prison sentence. Lee’s boss could’ve ruined things even worse for them. Karla’s parents could’ve guilt-tripped her into being more vigilant in guarding her heart against Lee. All these scenarios, thank god, are nowhere in Ms. Cosway’s book. Else, I would’ve ruined the story for myself if my predictions had come true. My cynicism has, once again, been thwarted, and I now giddily await the next two installments in the “Hearts” series.

P.S. Lille is NOT in this book. Thanks be to the book gods for conveying my hatred for this character into Ms. Cosway’s ear. May Lille forever live in the depths of the hell called “not to be mentioned ever again.”


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