Review: Worth the Risk by Claudia Connor

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I was soooooo ready to give Claudia Connor’s “Worth the Risk” a 6-star rating on Goodreads, if that was even possible. So ready. Then, I got to the ending of the book. And I was just… okay. Don’t get me wrong: I really, really liked it. But… okay.

Both were defined by their horrific pasts. Their future, it turns out, will be defined by them.

“Worth the Risk” follows Stephen McKinney’s story. He was briefly introduced in “Worth the Fall,” so we all know he was going through some life-changing shit. And, he was. Really heavy stuff, worthy of a “Law and Order” episode. I sniffed, cried, and bawled my way through 90% of this book, because not only was Stephen’s back story just gut wrenching, so was Hannah Walker’s. Hannah equally has a soul-stabbing past that is reminiscent of many “Criminal Minds” cases shown on TV. She and Stephen met accidentally in a grocery store (what I wouldn’t do to meet the man of MY dreams in a grocery store). What Stephen thought was going to another wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am session for him turned out to be the epic love story of his life. Both Stephen and Hannah were defined by their horrific pasts. Their future, it turns out, will be defined by them.

While Ms. Connor delivered a fantastic story, the last ten percent of “Worth the Risk” was too abrupt for me. The trial (its beginning and its end), Stephen’s “aha” moment, Hannah’s seemingly immediate turn-around after her emotional showdown with Stephen, how Stephen saved the day for Hannah (really, if there was someone who needed to die in Ms. Connor’s books, it was Blair Sinclair and her despicable father), and 10 seconds later, they were engaged to be married. If you’re confused, so was I. That was the last ten percent of the book, people. (Still shaking my head.)

shaking head

Nevertheless, I am still 100% in love with Ms. Connor’s stories. You can’t even imagine my inner (and outer) book nerd’s disappointment upon learning that the author has only written 3 books so far. THREE BOOKS. And, they’re all in “The McKinney Brothers” series. How the hell has no one discovered or published her before?! My mind is, understandably, blown.

Can I just say here that I am also in complete agreement with my fellow readers who commented on Ms. Connor’s Goodreads page regarding a “Walker Brothers” spin-off? I, for one, am already thanking Ms. Connor in advance for these gifts that keep on giving (and that we paying Amazon or B&N to have).

P.S. The lawyer, Camila, also needs to be spanked. Hard. In jail. Ditto with Dave.

I’ll stop now before I spew further wrath on imaginary characters. Now, on to book three!


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