Review: Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor

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Abs for daaayssss

With this first book in her “The McKinney Brothers” series, Claudia Connor gave her readers what we always crave for in clean-cut romance novels: simple, sexy, heart rending, sweet, relatable, and even a little bit funny. “Worth the Fall” is my first Claudia Connors book. So, I’m glad I found another LoveSwept book that just knocks my socks off.

Their initial meeting was kismet. Their happy ever after was earned.

This book is not so much innovative, as it is a classic tale of a man simply falling in love with a woman. A woman who also just happens to be a widow with 5 kids. Their initial meeting was kismet. Their happy ever after was earned. Matt McKinney was a Navy SEAL still recuperating from his best friend’s death while in action. Widow Annie Davis was pregnant with her fifth child and was, technically, still in mourning for her dead emotionally-absent husband. They both had mental and emotional issues to get over to get to a mutually happy place, together with Annie’s kids who had already thought of Matt as one of their own.

When encountering emotionally-insecure heroines in these types of books, I typically roll my eyes and tsk-tsk in frustration. There have also been moments when I vented on Goodreads about the way fictional women are portrayed by my fellow real women, i.e., needy, emotional criers at the drop of a hat, indecisive, brainless, panty-dropping lusters, etc. With Annie, surprisingly, I get her. With Matt, I get him, too. The climax to their story is heart wrenching indeed. He had an extremely legitimate and noble reason why he left her behind that last time, while she also had legitimately understandable reasons why she was in desperate need to protect herself and her kids from him, at least, from an emotionally standpoint.

In the end, I can’t help but dive deeper into the world of the McKinneys, after finishing “Worth the Fall.” I’m now eyebrow-deep in book 2 of this series. I’ll see you on the other side.


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