Review: Beautiful Boss by Christina Lauren

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I have been a Christina Lauren fan since “Beautiful Bastard” first came out and the Goodreads gods very kindly pointed out the series to me. There have hits and misses in my ride within Ms. Lauren’s worlds (both in their “Beautiful” and “Wild” series), but this one is a slow-burning hit.

I say “slow burning” because I had to put it down several times before I got annoyed again with fictional characters. Yes, that happens to me while I read. A lot. I suppose it’s because I’m trying to lose myself in their worlds, they should at least entertain me, not annoy me. Right?

In any case, Hanna and Will return in this novella after having found their HEA in “Beautiful Player.” They experience several life-altering events in the book, all at the same time: marriage, job hunting (for Hanna), and potentially leaving their friends in New York. They also experience newlywed awkwardness – thank you to the authors for pointing out this reality – which lead to awkward twists in the story.

Nonetheless, I continue loving living in New York with Christina Lauren’s “Beautiful” characters. I’m a little bit miffed that the last installment in the series is only set to be released in October this year. But I’ve already marked it as one of my 1,350+ TBR books on Goodreads, so let the waiting begin..






Is it October yet?


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