Review: King of Hearts by L.H. Cosway

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L.H. Cosway sure took me for a ride. “King of Hearts” is her 3rd book in the “Hearts” series, and so far, it is in the same league as “Six of Hearts” is on, in my opinion. Frankly, I don’t know where she took a wrong turn for the 2nd “Hearts” book, “Hearts of Fire,” but thank goodness, Ms. Cosway got back on track for this one.

Oliver King was once a successful investment banker in London. He hired Alexis to be his new personal secretary. Now, their tale could’ve turned into once of those “Maid in Manhattan” or “Cinderella” cliches, but I am eternally grateful that it did not. In the course of their short working life together, our hero and heroine fall in love, fight and lose against a criminal who’s reminiscent of Al Capone (and who also happened to be King’s biological father), and temporarily misplace their happy ever after ending. After their tragic turn towards Woes-ville, we find King as he was portrayed in “Hearts of Fire,” a broken man, well deep into his cups and bottles. Unfortunately, the character I hate the most in L.H. Cosway’s world, Lille (also from “Hearts of Fire”), steps in to save the day. Lille, the perpetual meddler, secretly writes to Alexis and, ta-dah, reconnects the 2 lovers together.

Let me stop to point out: Ms. Cosway could’ve and should’ve reconciled King and Alexis in another way. I would’ve given this a 5-star rating if Alexis and King found their way to each other without Lille’s irritating intervention. Oh, and Lille should grow up. Or be killed off. Just sayin’.

Moving on.

What I Liked:

  1. “King of Hearts” is an easy, relaxing read.
  2. The sparks of realism (e.g., King’s rise and fall is all too human) and the strong female characters in this third “Hearts” installment met every single one of my expectations in an L.H. Cosway book.
  3. The older and more mature characters are easily relatable. No eye-rolls here.

What I Did Not Like:

  1. LILLE.
  2. Not knowing what King did for a living after realizing his HEA with Alexis and Oliver. I don’t know why not knowing this (somewhat) irrelevant point makes me antsy. I guess I’m not comfortable imagining King just smooching off his wife until they die. After all, King donated almost all of his money (earned during his time as a banker) to charity.

Overall, I can’t wait to savor the 4th and final book in this series. Please, god. Let Lille not be involved in that one. Thanks.


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