Review: Reasonable Doubt 1-3 by Whitney G.

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At first, I was in reasonable doubt myself that I would like this series. By the time that I got to book 3, I am grudgingly admitting: okay, I liked it.

Wait, what am I talking about? “Grudgingly?” That’s not me. It’s either I like it or I don’t. With this one, though? I was on the fence for a while, but then I looked thru Whitney G‘s other books and thought, hey, why not, let me see what else she’s got. They could be better. Too bad she hasn’t updated her blog site (linked above) since October 2015 (her last post was to thank readers who greeted her on her birthday and to say she’s pulling out her two new anticipated books), so maybe she’s stopped writing? I hope not. She’s only 27 years old, according to the aforementioned blog post.

In any case, “Reasonable Doubt: The Full Series” was a pretty interesting read. It features a heroine who is both a pre-law student and an aspiring prima ballerina. It also highlights a man who’s 10 years her senior and who has also experienced highs and lows in both his professional and personal lives – in NYC, no less. Aubrey logs in to a for-lawyers-only chat room and meets Andrew online. She asks him for help on her supposed legal cases (in reality, she was asking for help on her school assignments). He asks her for a f*ck. Andrew eventually discovers that she lied, and for a lawyer, he, apparently, really abhors liars.

As Andrew and Aubrey’s story progressed, I can’t help thinking, “Wow, she’s really clueless.” But, Aubrey’s characterization somewhat improves when she finally stands up for herself, stops pining for her a**hole, and pursues her dream of ballet dancing. (BTW, am I the only one who finds it weird that she pursued degrees in pre-law and in dance from an Ivy League school??) Andrew also gets the justice he was owed after getting screw-balled by his wife, his best friend and business partner, and by NYC media. I liked the part where he was the one who compromised more to make his relationship with Aubrey work, as the girl just couldn’t catch her break with the people who should’ve loved her the most – her parents.

All in all, I hope whatever is keeping Whitney Gracia Williams from writing since October of last year will un-strangle her from its clutches. She wrote a heck of a 3-part story here on “Reasonable Doubt,” and her readers would continue supporting her because of it.


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