Review: Sidebarred by Emma Chase

Screenshot 2016-04-25 17.46.38

I’ve been waiting for this since I saw its announcement on Goodreads. And, I have to say: Emma Chase did not disappoint! Out of her “Legal Briefs” series, Jake and Chelsea’s story is, in my humble opinion, the BEST.

Sidebarred” is, like, an extended epilogue of Jake and Chelsea’s life. We already knew they’d have a kid of their own (if you read “Appealed” before this), but knowing how these beloved characters felt about adding a SEVENTH kid in their brood is just how Pharrell feels when he sings “Happy.” What I especially like about Ms. Chase is she does not give us just extra-cheesy, me-man-you-girl type of stories. She makes it FUN to read. And cry a little bit when, near the end of the novella, you hear what one of the adopted kids ultimately names his own kid (a.k.a. Jake and Chelsea’s grandchild). She also gives doses of reality in her stories. Like, see how she inserts that little spat between Jake and Chelsea in “Sidebarred?” Yeah, that makes this an interesting read – not an eye-rolling one.

Golly, now I’m wondering if Ms. Chase will continue the “Legal Briefs” series with Samuel Shaw, Robert Becker, and Vivian Mason’s stories. If she does, she’ll have a sure-fire way of making her readers (ahem, me) clap along with her.


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