Review: The Score by Elle Kennedy

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YES! A sports-related romance novel I finally liked this year. I’ve liked Elle Kennedy‘s Off Campus series since I read the first book, “The Deal.” Ms. Kennedy’s New Adult stories are even-paced, well-written, sexy, funny as hell, and has highly relatable characters.

I gave “The Score” 4-stars on Goodreads, because, well, I couldn’t get past the feeling that the heroine, Allie, was a bit of a man-eater. She’s always had a boyfriend since early high school. Obviously I wasn’t, so that’s a trigger for me. Hahahaha. However, she rightfully kicked her last boyfriend, Sean, to the curb since he was being a needy, clingy, verbally abusive, and insecure prick. That saved her for me. The hero, Dean, on the other hand. What can I say? Just look at the picture above this text. Gorg. He’s funny, has no drama, straightforward, and loves his friends and girl to bits.

Ms. Kennedy, like another author I’d written about before, also has a predictable format in her books. H/h meet, have crazy hot chemistry together, have sexy scenes in several chapters, heroine gets into a wee bit of trouble, her Hero rescues her, then Hero screws up, but the heroine ultimately forgives him, and HEA. Despite the predictability, Ms. Kennedy keeps the story going for me, as it’s funny and the characters are not (too) annoying. She gives her heroines their backbones, which, in my opinion, are completely necessary in today’s times. True, Allie describes herself as one who likes being love. In reality, we all want to be in love, too. Good thing is – Ms. Kennedy supplies that in her books. What more can any book lover ask?

After reading the end of the book (there’s a mini cliffhanger for the 4th installment of this series), I have to say I’m saving up for “The Goal” already. CANNOT. WAIT.


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