Review: Slave to Love by Julia A. Richman

This started out as an interesting read, then progressed to being one of the worst reads ever. I thought I skipped parts when reading books I didn’t like. Julia A. Richman skips parts when writing books. Her characters are ALMOST believable, but also extremely cliched.

Parts I did like:
1. The beginning of the story

Parts I did not like:
1. Everything else after Chapter 2.

The hero, Hale Lundstrom, has the ultimate superman complex. By day, he’s a techno whiz billionaire. But he’s also former US Army Special Forces, who’s friends with a fictional version of President Bill Clinton. He organizes a secret meeting amongst the world’s tech heads and employs the event management services of Sierra Stone to make the event work. At one point during the secret meeting, they are attacked by an unknown enemy. Hale turns into super alpha soldier guy during the shootout. Sierra almost drowns in a basement flood trying to save her Louboutin shoes. Hale saves her. WE NEVER GOT TO KNOW WHO THE BAD GUYS WERE, because obviously, Julia A. Richman does not know either. It was not relevant to the story, Richman probably assumes.

I mean, hello! That was the only part juicy enough to save this sorry assed tale. Did I mention that Sierra cries or feels like crying every time she feels like Hale disses her? She even blubbered after Hale warns her that he’ll be ignoring her during the intensive preparation period before the secret meeting he’s organizing. When she pulled up her big-girl panties, I cheered.  Unfortunately, it just all continues rolling down the proverbial crap drain. This was bad. TRULY bad. I feel sorry for myself for reading thru the whole goddamned thing trying to see who tried to kill those world tech leaders.*Sigh*


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