Review: The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

Screenshot 2016-04-13 08.18.19

This was a looooooonnnnnngggg book. Longer than what I think was necessary. There was just too much internal monologue and the slow-burning romance is just… by the time I was on page 200, I just skipped thru all the way to the epilogue (I was still about 75% away from it in reality) to see whether Aiden would thaw out a bit and if the monologues would shorten. My findings: yes, there is an HEA, but no, the monologues persist. I couldn’t go back to page 200, which I’ve bookmarked, after reading the Epilogue. I figure, I’ll just read the reviews on Goodreads, write down my own thoughts about it, and move on.

I’m only one of a few readers who didn’t give Mariana Zapata’s “The Wall of Winnipeg and Me” a glowing 5-star review. Maybe my impatience is erupting ten-fold on this one, or it’s just waaaayyy too slow for me. Anyway…


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