Review: The Unlikely Lady by Valerie Bowman

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I accidentally read this before reading “The Accidental Countess,” the second book in Valerie Bowman’sPlayful Brides” series. The first book, “The Unexpected Duchess,” was meh. With “The Unlikely Lady” — I wanted to hurl my e-book against a wall full of regrets. Regret 1: I bought the first four damned books in this series. Regret 2: I really, really, REALLY wanted to like these books, because of the reviews I first read on their Goodreads pages. Regret 3: I bought the damned books.

The heroine, Jane Lowndes, loves books. If she could have her {fictional} way, she would be left alone to just read, read, and read more books. TBH: that’s me. ME! I asked myself: “How could I NOT like me?!” Because she’s a fake, that’s why. Jane has made Garrett Upton her Personal Enemy #1, ever since she first met him. She hides behind her books, because of her own insecurities. She thinks of herself as more intelligent than others – and that, kind of, makes me think she’s extremely arrogant. He has a body to die for. He’s rich – without even working for it. He’s just waiting for his odious uncle to die, so he can be an Earl. He, shockingly, also reads. She fell deeply more in love with him because he has libraries he had kept secret from her. She took a page out of her “playful” friends’ books and ambushes her groom. Of course, as the story unfolds, similar to many a book written before it, the “not-liking-each-other” plot was all just a fluke – she discovers that she really loved him, he loved her, yadda, yadda, yadda and blah, blah, blah.

Lucy Upton and Cassandra Monroe were the two previous Brides in this series. Lucy continues to annoy me, quite frankly. If her friends knew her schemes were just failures waiting to happen, then why don’t they just stop scheming with her? Cassandra is still the drama-queen to beat. Ugh. I did not read Cassandra’s story before reading “The Unlikely Lady” – and I didn’t need to. These stories could really be summed up in 5 sentences, max.

After loving the historical romances from Elizabeth Hoyt, Stephanie Laurens, and Eloisa James, I really don’t think I can continue with Valerie Bowman. The thing is, I’ve regressed a bit, and bought electronic copies of my old favorites, Christina Dodd‘s “Governess Brides” series. God, I hope I still like them, because I feel like I already threw money away with the not-so-Playful Brides.


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