Review: Sugar Baby Beautiful by JJ McAvoy

Screenshot 2016-04-04 16.04.45.png

WOW. Just WOW. This absolutely KILLED me. COMPLETELY unexpected. My fellow Goodreads addict, SueBee, led me to this book. I read the Genres that it was tagged under, but both of these “clues” still did not lead me to what a roller coaster ride J.J. McAvoy had me on with “Sugar Baby Beautiful.”

I can’t write my thoughts down on this book without revealing how it ended, but, suffice it to say, my MIND is STILL blown. Ms. McAvoy, if you ever read this, please note that I have your “Childstar” still unread on my e-reader, because I… well, I’m hoarding it until July when your new book comes out. As Charlie Brown would say, “Aaaaaaugh!!!”

“Sugar Baby Beautiful” had me awake until my bleeding red eyes cannot stay open anymore, despite the toothpicks I stuck under my Oriental eyelids. It’s THAT DAMN GOOD.


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