Review: Alexa Riley’s books

Alexa Riley.jpg

Ssshh. I think this is my secret. I’m not supposed to like them, but, really? I do. Alexa Riley writes short erotic stories that touch on societal taboos and twist them into romance. Personally, I like the “Breeding” series. And, yes, they are as raunchy and naughty as the series’ title sounds. They’re all about insta-love; frankly, they’re all so fictional, so unbelievable, so forbidden… and Alexa Riley knows it. However, the authors write about gorgeous men falling in love with curvy (read: fat) girls. “P.S. You’re Mine” and “Curvy” are good examples  of these – both are tremendously easy reads, ones that are perfect if you just want to relax for 30 minutes before bedtime (or during lunchtime). They write about inappropriate sexual relationships: stepdads falling for their stepdaughters, stepbrothers stepping into a menage relationship with their younger stepsister, etc. They also wrote this series that I did not like and was not comfortable reading: “Innocence.” Those books just crossed a line for me, thus, I avoid those. Nonetheless, if Alexa Riley avoids that disgusting Dd/lg stories, I’ll keep buying and reading their books.

By the way, the pronouns I used in the paragraph above are not grammatical errors. “Alexa Riley” are a “they.” According to their Goodreads author profile, “Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books. They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.” Makes one wonder how their real lives are, noh?


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